If you give a mouse a cookie…

One of our favorite children’s books is Laura Numeroff’s “If you give a mouse a cookie.” She wrote others after that one, but this first one remains my favorite, anyway.

It’s the silly unpacking story of the fact that once you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to want a glass of milk to go with it. And from there it is this cascading of needs and desires following the offer of that first cookie.

I’m struck that many things in life take a similar trajectory.

Recently a burner on the stove of our range unit burned out. Karen smelled burning plastic. So we got a new burner. That didn’t work still. Then we rewired the burner. Still didn’t work. Then a second burner went out. I called a friend who said once the wiring begins to go it’s time for a new range. Ours was 20 years old.

So Karen and I met at Standard TV and Appliance and there discovered that they aren’t manufacturing regular electric ranges as drop-ins any longer. And we didn’t want the glass topped with burners beneath the glass so looked toward induction. It was the only option.

It gets expensive.

We did research and decided on the one we would go with. I was charged with buying it and arranging for the installation.

In order to arrange the installation I needed to guarantee that we had a four-pronged outlet. To discover that I needed to inspect how the current range was hooked up.

So I leaned it forward. Couldn’t see much, so dragged in a mattress and tipped it onto the mattress.

Found what Karen had smelled; the junction box held totally melted wire connections.

In order to schedule I would need the the I needed to know how the current range was

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