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For weeks now, flags have been flying at half-mast. It is a consistent reminder that there is much to grieve. It is like as a culture, we are all grieving, but because of the impact of multiple events one after … Continue reading

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Sunday was one of those incredible, long, rich, “walking on sacred turf” kind of days.  The whole thing, the orchestration of events, the place of God in them, the opportunities, the ways I could look back and see how God … Continue reading

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The Trail

“Let’s not look ahead,” I wrote. Karen and I were texting about situations in our days, and my statement caught her.  She wrote back a while later, “I have thought two or three times already about the suggestion… let’s not … Continue reading

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I remembered Saturday night that I had signed myself up for Sunday’s Children’s moment. And I remembered the snowman. Well, that’s what it had been. It was one of those towels that get pressed into a shape and then when … Continue reading

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