Ever been in a hard situation and wonder if God cared at all? Ever wonder where is God? People– we hit such times. Yet, in the middle of the worst, the most dire, God never leaves us or abandons us. God IS there. This basic affirmation is good to recall and we can see in a recent tragedy, through testimony and witnesses. Recall it when in your worst moments: This too, God sees, God cares and is with me.

What are you Believing?

A year ago I read Celeste Headlee’s great book We Need To Talk: How to Have Conversations that Matter. In it, she tells of an experiment that has stuck with me. A group of people were taken into a room and told a piece of news the leaders had literally made up themselves. It was…


Fear is the true virus of this era. It manipulates and controls. It is currently doing this in the world. It does it to our own lives. However, we can choose to refuse fear. We can decide against it. This post looks at this possibility and how we refuse fear.


A spelling bee at 13 and Jack, a teacher, began to train me to reframe defeats. This has been a longterm lesson. Anxiety need not have the last word in life. In the end, even in stressful times, God is in control.

Into a Future We Cannot See

Sometimes feeling fearful of the future we forget to look back at the past. Seeing what God HAS done gives us assurance of what God yet will do. As God was with us in the past, so God will be with us into the future. Trust.

No Clouds Here.

San Jacinto UMC July 1, 1988 – June 30, 1994 Karen and I, with Anna (3) and Grace (1) in their car seats, drove for four days, in blistering heat, from Kentucky across the country to Southern California. We put a bucket of ice on the floor under Karen’s feet, opened all four windows and…

Object Lessons

Object lessons. You know them. The ones where a leader usually working with children cuts open the pumpkin and says, “Did you know that carving a pumpkin for Halloween is a lot like being a Christian?” And everyone thinks, “No way?”  And then as she cuts off the top. “When Jesus comes into our lives…


Who knew that I would struggle this much with quarantine. I love being at home. I love doing art and cooking and doing dishes. Vacuuming is fun. But when I am restricted home, it feels different. When my day is filled with silence, because there is no coffee shop atmosphere, there are no other people…

Time to Sing

Church worship moved online.  Sports canceled. State of emergency declared.  Panicked shoppers. No toilet paper anyplace.  What a strange and wild time we are living in.   While waiting for the customer service at a Walmart, the worker took a phone call and I overheard her saying, “Sir, it is an epidemic. I don’t have enough…

The Stalker

March 24th, 2 years ago, I drove Gabrielle, then 26, to the airport. She then was a flight attendant.  Enroute I brought up a conversation that we had partially had another day.  During that previous conversation, I had asked if she had had any problems with stalkers. The reason I asked was because during training…