Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Thirteen

The first time the man with the car heard me play was three weeks later. He had come back home. The lady and I had still gone to church. But he had not come here. No one else knew. The lady didn’t want them to know. One of those weeks in Miss Jeanne’s class we…

Only Believe the Truth – Pt 2

This blog expresses my own journey and my own thinking. If you have read my blog much, you know, I am learning to trust and walk intimately with Jesus. I tend to be vulnerable and honest. Herein, I track my steps. I don’t write to offend but to encourage. I believe relationships in life are…

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Twelve

(This is the serial release of the book available at Amazon Hello, My Name is Phillip. Available in paperback and kindle formats. You are invited to share the book! Join here as Phillip awakens the day after getting home from his first piano lesson.) The man in the car had come home. I could feel…

Lord, Why like this?

Next week, check back in for “Believe Only the Truth: Part 2.” But let me underline, here, anything I blog is an expression of my own heart and walk, not the position of any group. Also, I welcome interaction. So, if you disagree or hate what I write, as some told me last week, let…

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Eleven

(This is the serial release of the book Hello, My Name is Phillip. Purchase your copy here. Feel free to share these posts with others. If you want to read past installments, search “Phillip’s Story.” As this chapter begins, they have just returned from the paint store. Enjoy.) The lady talked all the way home….


How do we discern truth amidst many opinions, manipulations and lies? How do we find truth?

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Ten

“Thank you for being my little salesman today, Philip. You did a great job.” The words surprised Phillip who was not used to compliments. Today’s story of his trip to the paint store brought a shift to his experience of life. Have small things caused your life to change? Join Phillip as he makes life discoveries through the safe relationships in his life.


Ever been in a hard situation and wonder if God cared at all? Ever wonder where is God? People– we hit such times. Yet, in the middle of the worst, the most dire, God never leaves us or abandons us. God IS there. This basic affirmation is good to recall and we can see in a recent tragedy, through testimony and witnesses. Recall it when in your worst moments: This too, God sees, God cares and is with me.

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Nine

Phillip’s mom confesses and repents. And she and Phillip start to build a relationship with Jesus alongside of them. She begins to learn how to be a safe adult. Every kid deserves safe adults.