Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Twenty-six

A meal at Thanksgiving filled with story, testimony and the fact that Jesus is real. This is the ultimate real. Phillip plays a role in helping his uncle capture a glimpse of this basic fact. Amazing all that happens through the life of a boy who does not speak. Come and see.

Saving Grace

Sunday mornings I sit in the narthex of my wife’s church building, running the zoom service during the in-person gathering. I’m sitting out there because it currently has the only live outlet to plug in my computer. In this area of the building is the rope pull for the bell in the steeple; I’ve had…

The Requirement

I write knowing you might disagree. I get that. I am only sharing my own viewpoint and experience. You might misunderstand me. I’m used to that. Or, you might get it. We live in this split world. There are sides and lines drawn. Saw a FB post by a pastor today, “It’s hard to love…

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Twenty-Four

(This is the serial telling of my book Hello, My Name is Phillip. Available here on Amazon. Search for “Phillip’s Story” on this blog site for the other chapters. Enjoy stepping into this story of a 6 year-old named Phillip.) Kevin meets me at the car every day. He slings his arm over my shoulder,…


What’s the benefit of a garden? For me, beyond the beauty, the pleasure of growing living things, the joy of the fruit from it, these are among the gifts it brings into life. The main gift is the intentional pause. I love gardens!

Remembering the One

Since the start of the pandemic, I have been making weekly videos. These began as a means to connect with the people in the congregation I was then pastoring. People were isolated, and isolation is a difficult thing for all of us. For weeks, these were encouragement videos. I noticed, because Facebook is such an…

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Twenty-two

A midnight trip to the hospital opens up the possibility for unexpected miracles. You never know when Jesus might show up. And in this story, he does! Encounter a whole new meaning for the color blue.