A spelling bee at 13 and Jack, a teacher, began to train me to reframe defeats. This has been a longterm lesson. Anxiety need not have the last word in life. In the end, even in stressful times, God is in control.

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Four

In Chapter 4 of “Hello, My Name is Phillip,” Phillip recalls what happened when he turned 5. A fight in the car, a surprise birthday party, an accident, and an encounter with Jonah converge to bring a bit of hope. He learns something magnificent certainly: he is hearing from God.

Content in ALL???????? circumstances

July 1st, I left my full-time work. For over 33 years I had pastored local churches. I left in order to help anchor a new business in mediation to reach people with peace who are living in conflict. I was doing this out of direct guidance from Jesus. This meant living without a regular income….


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About Me

Hi, I’m Brian. My life changed when I walked the Camino in Spain in 2016. My heart was deepened. My faith strengthened. And my direction adjusted as the whisper I kept hearing said, “Just you wait what I have for you!” I’m walking in a new world and my blog is sharing where I’ve walked and where I am walking in this life and what I am learning. My hope is simple — I want others to experience the grace available to you too. Thanks for coming to visit.

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