Every experience is more than the circumstance but our response to it. When we respond, we are adding to the experience. Response is everything. It is not just the air out there but the air inside and between which impacts our lives. Watch your response and breathe, just breathe.

Spread light

The stress of this season — COVID, FIRES — can create emotional backlogs which then get expressed against others around us. Instead, be self aware in order to spread light not darkness. Bring peace not discord. Examples of this abound. Spread light.

Be the Neighbor

It was over 11 years ago I first walked into Papa’s Haven, a coffee shop near to where I was pastoring a local church. Dreamed into existence by a guy named Jerry and his wife Jane, as a second career this place was perfect for me. I began to come there for most of my…

Connections Matter

Connections with others and how they happen are mysterious, aren’t they? In BC — Before COVID-19 — (which feels like lightyears ago,  when we could just board planes and travel with relative ease) I flew to London from Los Angeles. Needing to board from the third floor of the terminal because of the height of…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Brian. My life changed when I walked the Camino in Spain in 2016. My heart was deepened. My faith strengthened. And my direction adjusted as the whisper I kept hearing said, “Just you wait what I have for you!” I’m walking in a new world and my blog is sharing where I’ve walked and where I am walking in this life and what I am learning. My hope is simple — I want others to experience the grace available to you too. Thanks for coming to visit.

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