Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Seventeen

(This is the serial release of the book Hello, My Name is Phillip. The previous chapter told of what happened the Christmas Eve when Phillip was 5 years old. This chapter begins July 27th, on Phillip’s sixth birthday. Order the book here. Visit my website at for more information.) So, that was last Christmas….

Speak the Truth

I’m working to set up a website, and keep hitting walls. Ever hit walls with technology? You know the feeling, you want to throw the computer across the room, even while knowing, it will not solve anything to do so. It is the height of frustration. Today, I remembered to lament, instead of tossing the…

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Sixteen

(This is the serial publication of Hello, My Name is Phillip, as Phillip remembers what happened on Christmas Eve when he was five. This book is available on Amazon as paperback and in kindle format here.) The Christmas Eve service was bright that year. There were candles everywhere in the church: on every windowsill, in…

The Gift of Pain

I was on a zoom call with my good brother David in England when the dog I was caring for at my friend’s house, Tundra, needed to head outside. I stepped out into the snow, barefoot. The cold felt great. I hooked Tundra onto his lead and let him go out into the backyard behind…


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About Me

Hi, Iā€™m Brian. My life changed when I walked the Camino in Spain in 2016. My heart was deepened. My faith strengthened. And my direction adjusted as the whisper I kept hearing said, “Just you wait what I have for you!” I’m walking in a new world and my blog is sharing where I’ve walked and where I am walking in this life and what I am learning. My hope is simple — I want others to experience the grace available to you too. Thanks for coming to visit.

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