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Just the Next Step 

I can’t go on.” I called to Nannette, a new friend from North Carolina with whom I had been hiking 12 hours that day. We’d started that morning at 440 am. “I need to stop,” I said. We were only … Continue reading

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Stay with your feet

The night before I left, Grace, Gabrielle and Gabrielle’s boyfriend Matthew, all came over to dinner with Karen and I. We had a great sharing and prayer time before departure. During the evening, Grace said something that stuck with me. … Continue reading

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My Favorite Things

Farewell parties; amazing foods, tears of appreciation; deep feelings; that sense of loss and joy simultaneously; departures and arrivals; the gift of the most amazing people ever to pastor and enjoy and know and experience; significant conversations; meals with friends; … Continue reading

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It Begins

There’s something about dreaming and thinking about an event, that when the day arrives it feels unreal, impossible, amazing, uncanny, startling. My daughter Grace (29) and I walked through downtown Portland a couple weeks back to attend the St James’ … Continue reading

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Prayer Beads

My dear friend Karen Hernandez made these prayer beads for me to take on the Camino.  I love how artists think — they are so intentional in what they include, whether it is the fabric chosen in a quilt, colors … Continue reading

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