The Man in the Box

Encountering death that at a funeral — the body of the deceased — found the abundant life of the stories surrounding him. 82 years of life can be summarized in a moment, so live well. Live intentionally. Live to bring honor to God.

I Awoke at 3:30 am…

I awoke at 3:30 am and began to pray. I prayed through until 5 am, then I got up. Reverberating through my heart was this one line: “This is wickedness.” Antifa: The name is short for Anti-facist, but they seem to be against all kinds of things and groups and people, indeed, perhaps against anything…

The World through a Child’s Eyes

In these times of seriousness, fear and blame how might we better live? What might we do? Perhaps one thing is this — see the world through a child’s eyes. Play, rest, be and believe this: there is always sunshine.

Into a Future We Cannot See

Sometimes feeling fearful of the future we forget to look back at the past. Seeing what God HAS done gives us assurance of what God yet will do. As God was with us in the past, so God will be with us into the future. Trust.