The Gift of Pain

I was on a zoom call with my good brother David in England when the dog I was caring for at my friend’s house, Tundra, needed to head outside. I stepped out into the snow, barefoot. The cold felt great. I hooked Tundra onto his lead and let him go out into the backyard behind…

Becoming Human

For a book I am writing about my own life, I have been reading my own journals. What a mine of evidence there is in those that I have taken steps forward! That is good news for some days it can feel as if I am traversing the same lessons again and again. Can you…

What Anger Hid…

Thanksgiving Day brought more than thanks into my own life — it brought the opportunity to feel some emotions I did not know were there. Sometimes, we hide emotions behind a presenting one. For me, the presenting emotion had been anger. But behind it was a well of deep sadness. In the middle of orchestrated events, the wound got lanced. Feel all the feelings.

A Life of Stories

It was the last day when we were allowed to see people face to face. March 14th. Before “the world closed” as a friend says.  A dear friend, Leola, 97, and I had planned to meet at her place. It had been over a decade. Twenty-six years ago I arrived as her new pastor with…

Move Forward in Small Steps

We had two of our fuchsia winter over in their hanging pots just sitting on the ground along the back fence. Then this spring new shoots appeared so I hung them in the usual spots and began watering them. They didn’t look as bushy nor as beautiful at first as the ones brought home from…

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Three

Black enters and eats away at Phillip when the adults argue. This time, running to his closet, he hears a Voice and what the Voice says makes all the difference.

Look for the Rocks

How can you handle the anger at the lies and disinformation of this COVID season? What can we do in response? Where can we again find hope and refuge? Seeking answers myself, I remembered God. God made all the difference. Find the rocks upon which to stand.

Hello, My Name is Phillip — Chapter Two

Phillip James Smythe tells how he first met Big Skye, his best friend. Phillip also meets Miss Liz, a wonderful person, wearing slippers covered in dog hair. She sees Phillip and believes in him more than anyone yet has.

I can be Reactive

What? Me? Reactive? Never! Well, then I face off with the me I am and discover I am. I am learning to die to places I want to raise myself up. Are you reactive? Walk in peace.


Sharing the book poured into my heart during lockdown, because, every kid deserves safe adults. Meet Phillip, an honest, open, down-to-earth, really precious six-year-old. And discover the world through his eyes.