Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Nineteen

(This is the serial release of my book Hello, My Name is Phillip. You are welcome to share these posts with friends, and welcome also to buy the book here. The story picks up as Phillip eavesdrops on an important conversation.) It is Mr. Clay, from the church. He stands there, smiling that wide grin…

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Seventeen

(This is the serial release of the book Hello, My Name is Phillip. The previous chapter told of what happened the Christmas Eve when Phillip was 5 years old. This chapter begins July 27th, on Phillip’s sixth birthday. Order the book here. Visit my website at http://www.brianshimer.com for more information.) So, that was last Christmas….

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Thirteen

The first time the man with the car heard me play was three weeks later. He had come back home. The lady and I had still gone to church. But he had not come here. No one else knew. The lady didn’t want them to know. One of those weeks in Miss Jeanne’s class we…

Marching Orders

Recovery from any violation takes time but we often don’t want to take the time it takes. I know for me, I’ve wanted to rush it, deny it, bypass it. But it takes time. I remember when I first recalled the abuse and tell of a recent experience of encountering Jesus


Sharing the book poured into my heart during lockdown, because, every kid deserves safe adults. Meet Phillip, an honest, open, down-to-earth, really precious six-year-old. And discover the world through his eyes.

Spread light

The stress of this season — COVID, FIRES — can create emotional backlogs which then get expressed against others around us. Instead, be self aware in order to spread light not darkness. Bring peace not discord. Examples of this abound. Spread light.