Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Twenty-two

A midnight trip to the hospital opens up the possibility for unexpected miracles. You never know when Jesus might show up. And in this story, he does! Encounter a whole new meaning for the color blue.

Becoming Human

For a book I am writing about my own life, I have been reading my own journals. What a mine of evidence there is in those that I have taken steps forward! That is good news for some days it can feel as if I am traversing the same lessons again and again. Can you…

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Seven

Phillip ran. He ran, tripped and fell, and then blindly ran more into the park, with his dog Skye. Terrified, surrounded by wind and storm, he ended up in a root cave tree and there encountered Jesus. Read this next installment of Phillip’s experience with Jesus and the servants Jesus sends to rescue him.