Just a Piece At a Time

My neighbor told me he’d rather watch paint dry than to do a jigsaw puzzle. But, I actually like them. I’m not fast at them, like our youngest daughter. Watching her do a puzzle is like watching a tennis match. She’s like watching a tennis match. She’s been known to complete a 1500-piece puzzle in…


What’s the benefit of a garden? For me, beyond the beauty, the pleasure of growing living things, the joy of the fruit from it, these are among the gifts it brings into life. The main gift is the intentional pause. I love gardens!

Content in ALL???????? circumstances

July 1st, I left my full-time work. For over 33 years I had pastored local churches. I left in order to help anchor a new business in mediation to reach people with peace who are living in conflict. I was doing this out of direct guidance from Jesus. This meant living without a regular income….