Large Blessings in Small Packages

Our oldest, Anna, wanted to come visit with her two young daughters, reserved two nights at a campsite on the Oregon coast and invited anyone available to come. She drove two days to bring her daughters, 2.5 year old Bridget and 5 year old Josie, out to Oregon. They arrived at our house for a…

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Six

Phillip is 5 and on the spectrum and in a trouble home environment when the worst night so far in his life happens. As a result he is on the run with Skye his dog and ends up hiding in a root cave tree. There he experiences Someone he had heard before but not met. Someone whose name is the brightest color of all.

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Three

Black enters and eats away at Phillip when the adults argue. This time, running to his closet, he hears a Voice and what the Voice says makes all the difference.