Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Sixteen

(This is the serial publication of Hello, My Name is Phillip, as Phillip remembers what happened on Christmas Eve when he was five. This book is available on Amazon as paperback and in kindle format here.) The Christmas Eve service was bright that year. There were candles everywhere in the church: on every windowsill, in…

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Nine

Phillip’s mom confesses and repents. And she and Phillip start to build a relationship with Jesus alongside of them. She begins to learn how to be a safe adult. Every kid deserves safe adults.

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Three

Black enters and eats away at Phillip when the adults argue. This time, running to his closet, he hears a Voice and what the Voice says makes all the difference.


Sharing the book poured into my heart during lockdown, because, every kid deserves safe adults. Meet Phillip, an honest, open, down-to-earth, really precious six-year-old. And discover the world through his eyes.