Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter 14

(This is the serial telling of the novel Hello, My Name is Phillip, published January 2021. Available here. You are invited to share these chapters with as many as you can. The word needs your help getting out there, because, “every kid deserves safe adults”.) I buried my head into Grandma Faith’s lap and sobbed….

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Thirteen

The first time the man with the car heard me play was three weeks later. He had come back home. The lady and I had still gone to church. But he had not come here. No one else knew. The lady didn’t want them to know. One of those weeks in Miss Jeanne’s class we…


Sharing the book poured into my heart during lockdown, because, every kid deserves safe adults. Meet Phillip, an honest, open, down-to-earth, really precious six-year-old. And discover the world through his eyes.