Surprising Gifts

Gift Number One: Walking! I can walk without pain! Two weeks ago, Friday, I got that puncture wound (see the Gift of Pain) and by this past Friday I could walk without pain! I have immense empathy for those with pains which haven’t healed as quickly as this one. To walk is such a gift!…

Speak the Truth

I’m working to set up a website, and keep hitting walls. Ever hit walls with technology? You know the feeling, you want to throw the computer across the room, even while knowing, it will not solve anything to do so. It is the height of frustration. Today, I remembered to lament, instead of tossing the…

The Gift of Pain

I was on a zoom call with my good brother David in England when the dog I was caring for at my friend’s house, Tundra, needed to head outside. I stepped out into the snow, barefoot. The cold felt great. I hooked Tundra onto his lead and let him go out into the backyard behind…

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Fifteen

(Welcome to the serial sharing of the book “Hello, My Name Is Phillip.” Available on Amazon here. To find previous chapters on my blog, search for Phillip’s story. Enjoy and share it with your friends.) Nana and Papa came the next day, along with Aunt Sarah and Uncle Max, who had flown in from Philadelphia….

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter 14

(This is the serial telling of the novel Hello, My Name is Phillip, published January 2021. Available here. You are invited to share these chapters with as many as you can. The word needs your help getting out there, because, “every kid deserves safe adults”.) I buried my head into Grandma Faith’s lap and sobbed….

What are you Believing?

A year ago I read Celeste Headlee’s great book We Need To Talk: How to Have Conversations that Matter. In it, she tells of an experiment that has stuck with me. A group of people were taken into a room and told a piece of news the leaders had literally made up themselves. It was…

Marching Orders

Recovery from any violation takes time but we often don’t want to take the time it takes. I know for me, I’ve wanted to rush it, deny it, bypass it. But it takes time. I remember when I first recalled the abuse and tell of a recent experience of encountering Jesus

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Four

In Chapter 4 of “Hello, My Name is Phillip,” Phillip recalls what happened when he turned 5. A fight in the car, a surprise birthday party, an accident, and an encounter with Jonah converge to bring a bit of hope. He learns something magnificent certainly: he is hearing from God.

Content in ALL???????? circumstances

July 1st, I left my full-time work. For over 33 years I had pastored local churches. I left in order to help anchor a new business in mediation to reach people with peace who are living in conflict. I was doing this out of direct guidance from Jesus. This meant living without a regular income….

I can be Reactive

What? Me? Reactive? Never! Well, then I face off with the me I am and discover I am. I am learning to die to places I want to raise myself up. Are you reactive? Walk in peace.