My God Sighting

Plants burned. Some folk put potatoes in their trunks and baked them. Another guy wired a hot dog to his antenna and it roasted. It was a record-breaking heat wave. I took a four-mile walk with a good friend in the 114F temperatures. I felt like the hot dog! My car was not pleased with…

First Stop: Joy.

After a summer knocking on doors, I was full of enthusiasm. I’d been acting enthusiastic all summer, as Southwest Publishing taught us, and now was totally filled with it. Much of my outward expression, my super interest was in order to be liked. But it was not a lie. It was the best way I knew to be myself, and…

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

I spent time with our oldest daughter, her husband, two children and her mother-in-law last week in a town near Salt Lake City. This was the first trip out of town I’ve taken since last March. I was thrilled. I went for Pascha, the Orthodox Christian celebration, which often comes later than the regular Western…

Surprising Gifts

Gift Number One: Walking! I can walk without pain! Two weeks ago, Friday, I got that puncture wound (see the Gift of Pain) and by this past Friday I could walk without pain! I have immense empathy for those with pains which haven’t healed as quickly as this one. To walk is such a gift!…

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Twelve

(This is the serial release of the book available at Amazon Hello, My Name is Phillip. Available in paperback and kindle formats. You are invited to share the book! Join here as Phillip awakens the day after getting home from his first piano lesson.) The man in the car had come home. I could feel…

Hello, My Name is Phillip: Chapter Eleven

(This is the serial release of the book Hello, My Name is Phillip. Purchase your copy here. Feel free to share these posts with others. If you want to read past installments, search “Phillip’s Story.” As this chapter begins, they have just returned from the paint store. Enjoy.) The lady talked all the way home….

Marching Orders

Recovery from any violation takes time but we often don’t want to take the time it takes. I know for me, I’ve wanted to rush it, deny it, bypass it. But it takes time. I remember when I first recalled the abuse and tell of a recent experience of encountering Jesus

Move Forward in Small Steps

We had two of our fuchsia winter over in their hanging pots just sitting on the ground along the back fence. Then this spring new shoots appeared so I hung them in the usual spots and began watering them. They didn’t look as bushy nor as beautiful at first as the ones brought home from…

Hello, My Name is Phillip — Chapter Two

Phillip James Smythe tells how he first met Big Skye, his best friend. Phillip also meets Miss Liz, a wonderful person, wearing slippers covered in dog hair. She sees Phillip and believes in him more than anyone yet has.

It was the Right Thing to Do

Taking action because you know it’s the right thing to do is powerful. It benefits others, benefits you, and allows you to participate in something grand. Just take the action. Do the right thing.