Danner Boots

I arrived at the Achon Auction for the Achon Ugandan Children’s Fund and felt depleted like I did not want to be there, nor did not want to try to talk with anyone. I’d been invited and agreed to come in support of the mission of AUCF and our dear friends.


But it had been a stressful, long week, and I was done, over done, like burnt toast.


So I walked in, greeted Juli (our friends’ wonderful daughter) at the front desk, greeted Sal and Dave, but still felt bummed to be there. So, I wandered around the event a bit, the tables filled with items I didn’t need or want. There were some boots, but I didn’t want to be there.


I went to the toilet, sat in a stall and journaled on my phone. Here’s what I wrote:


“Sometimes I feel like I don’t know why I am doing something. I am at the Auchon auction tonight and don’t know why except that I felt for our friends but there’s little chance of me impacting this event.


When I am too focused on me that’s hard too. But I look around and feel so um… not certain.  Not defeated. But certainly feel like I don’t have much to offer here.  Like I wish I were someone else.


God.  Why have you brought me here?


The response came like a breeze into my soul: “To get you a pair of boots child.”


“Seriously?”  I responded.


“And to bless your Dave and Sally with you.”


Tears sprang to my eyes. “With me?”


“You know my conversation about learning to be alive and sense you powerfully?  Well could I love that tonight??? Help me enter your realm!”

I said.


God:  “Child I love you.”


I left that restroom staggered. Jesus had a plan for boots for me? So, I went to look at the silent auction and sure enough there was a pair of boots there. It was a gift certificate for a pair of Danner boots. Just the day before I had been encouraged by Dr. Laura, professor at George Fox and friend of Karen’s to get Danner boots.


“They are the best and with great ankle support,” she’d told me.


And for the northern route, I wanted ankle support.


So, I placed a bid for $170. Sally then got in the act. I told her the story and she was astounded that God spoke like that. God loves people so immensely. I hovered around my boots, but sure enough no one else bid on them. It was the only silent auction item, Sally told me, that only had one bid. God gave me boots.


Seriously, Lord?


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