Remembrance Stone


This walk toward the Camino! What an adventure in and of itself.

Yesterday at worship we were talking about how Joshua had the 12 dudes from each tribe pick up a huge “stone” (think boulder) from the Jordan riverbed and each carry it on their shoulder to that night’s campsite in order to construct a monument from them. They created a place of remembrance.

When their children saw that monument and asked, then the people could recount again how God had delivered them out of Egypt and into the Promised Land through the Red Sea and through the Jordan River, crossing both on dry ground.

To illustrate this, I stacked some of our grey chairs, like stones from the Jordan in a catawampus monument.

We were looking at this ancient action taken to mark the Hand of God in the lives of the people, and wondering what actions we take, what “stone of remembrance” we erect so others may ask about God’s actions in our lives. Also noting that we are all “living stones” of remembrance, our lives bearing the mark of God’s work upon us. Acknowledging that both they and us needed such reminders.

Yesterday our main projector crashed. Fred Cooper did this amazing job rigging an old projector (usually used for the back wall) at the front, on a small table, with all kinds of cords trained under chairs, out of the way. The difference for me was that I needed to be much more aware of where I was moving, for if I walked between the projector and the screen, obviously, I’d block the light.

That projector was my own “remembrance stone” yesterday – I needed to remember not to get in the way God is leading and not run ahead of God, but needed to and need to, to use Jesus’ word, “follow”.

That means I am not ahead of but behind as God leads.

Interesting in yesterday’s story – Joshua receives God’s command, gives it to the 12 men who obey him, tells the people about it, and tells them why. In all this, Joshua “follows”. He doesn’t block the light.

This year seems to be about that – following and not blocking the light.

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