Karen, my wife, got to be with our oldest daughter for the birth of her first child, our third grandchild, a little girl in Salt Lake City this week. Such excitement there and such joy as Josephine Kate arrived to touch our lives.

While gone Karen’s dog, Zack, who usually travels with her when here, stayed home with me. As a result I just began taking him everywhere. He traveled around town, to church for counseling appointments and meetings, and then on Sunday, again to church for worship.

The thing that you would have noticed had you been along was that Zack loves the church building, especially the sanctuary. He LOVES it. At home he is pretty solitary, looks sullen even, but once at church he leaps from the car with joy, and in the sanctuary he is skips, leaps and exults. Seriously, his name ought to be “David,” after the dancing, worshiping King of Israel.   Then, in my office, as I counsel, he sat patiently on my lap, or got down and sidled furtively up to the counselee, just to express his appreciation of them, then returned.

On Sunday for worship, people overwhelmed him a bit, so he spent the worship time as near to me as possible, under my chair, or walking a few paces behind me as I delivered the message. Then as we left, he was back to his dancing, joyful, exuberant self. Once home he took an hour in the sun by himself to unwind.

Through the eyes of this little animal I don’t think I have ever much appreciated, I received these basic life lessons:

  • Rejoice in the simple things – the places you are, the people you’ve been given.
  • Be present, in the moment, for everything.
  • Enjoy the sunshine, and embrace the wonder of a walk in the air
  • When life overwhelms you, take time in the sun
  • Since your Master is always with you, sit on his lap whenever able
  • Take naps and space as necessary to recharge your batteries.





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