Jesus and $2.75

img_2629This came from a friend, Rebecca, who with her husband Brian was at Fred Meyer’s, a local department store recently.  She shared this on Facebook and after reading it, I asked her if I could share it on this blog.

She is a woman with a deep love for Jesus and a simple desire: to be obedient.

What this reminded me of was this – that our lives are a walk, a Camino, if you will. And every interaction has the opportunity to bless, enhance, transform, touch another with the love we have experienced. It is a simple story. May it bless your heart today as it blessed mine.

In the following, I’m placing the whole of this in quotes for it is Rebecca speaking.  So, Brian and Rebecca were just doing some shopping when…

“This young boy walks passed me with this woman in a disability scooter.”

“I felt this immediate sense of brokenness, so I paused and listened in on their conversation a bit.  The woman was scolding the young boy heavily, but the child ‘felt’ broken to me, already.”

“The woman looked very angry and a bit overpowering for sure.”

“I asked Brian for a dollar, after checking my pockets, for I felt like I needed to give him a dollar. But, I wondered, how was this gonna happen? Was I just to walk up and say:  ‘Hi! I’m Rebecca.  Here’s a dollar…cheer up?'”

“Brian says to me, ‘What’s the plan?'”

“I tell him, ‘I don’t know, but we’re going to follow them.’ LOL.”

“I tell Brian, ‘Pretend you’re busy looking at something down this aisle.'”

“I pray in my head to Jesus and say ‘Help me because this don’t look good!'”

“The woman on the scooter is still scolding the kid and she’s throwing stuff in her basket, yet Jesus wants me to give a dollar?”

“I think, ‘Yikes!'”

“So, I take a deep breath and notice I’m standing in front of the donut section.  They are on sale 2 for $3 bucks or a package sleeve for $1.00.”img_2628

“So, I blurt out to the kid, ‘I can’t decide. Chocolate or Powdered Sugar?'”

“He looks up at me, like ‘Huh?'”

“So, I say again, ‘I just can’t decide!  I love them both but donuts don’t love me.'”

“He giggles.”

“The woman answers, ‘Powdered Sugar is my favorite!’ She has a huge grin on her face now.”

“I say,  ‘What about you, kiddo?'”

“He says, ‘Definitely chocolate!’ with a huge grin.”

“The woman’s heart has changed. She says, ‘Okay, let’s get donuts!’ So they add one of each to the cart.”

“I say to the boy, ‘Let me buy yours.'”

“The lady was thrilled.”

“The kid overwhelmed with amazement.”

“I needed a bit more money as they weren’t the dollar packages.”

“The woman tells me she’s just the neighbor. She’s helping the family out. His mom has cancer. He has 3 other siblings and one is a young baby. She mentioned that this boy was excited because for Christmas he found a bike someone left by the garbage can that just needed new tires.”

“I asked the boy if I could shake his hand and I held it. I asked if he was 10. He said he was. His name was Carter.”

“I boldly say to him, ‘Carter do you believe in God?'”

“He says, ‘Yes, I do.'”

“I say, ‘God sent me to you. He wants me to tell you that He knows things are heavy right now, but He is leaving you gifts every day but you need to look for them now. Your eyes will be opened so you can show other people.  Things will be heavy for a while, but you must look for God like little packages that appear for you.”

“I told Carter to write it all down.”

“The woman on the scooter believed it all. Oddly, but not oddly, she said she was going to take him to the dollar tree to get him a journal. She said she was telling Carter that God left him the bike earlier that day, so what I said supported her ‘gift’ appearing thought.”

“Then she said, ‘This woman is speaking through God to you!’”

“It was AMAZING how that dollar, that boldness, and obedience and partnership with Jesus transformed her heart. That boy was taking on the weight of his entire family plus his disabled grumpy neighbor. All they needed was an interruption from Christ to remind them of how loved and valuable they were.”

“The negativity left. It evaporated like fog when the sun appears. And the young boy lifted his shoulders.”

“I never have instructions or a plan, when something like this happens. But my heart is overflowing with love for broken people. I get to hear hearts with permission from Jesus. I admit, I don’t always like it but Jesus gave me this gift and one day maybe, I’ll figure it out. But then again, I probably won’t figure this out. If I ever did, then Jesus would just move in another way in my heart, and say, ‘Okay, child, now try this!’”

“Such a gracious Father! Anyway, felt like I should share that and it cost me time and $2.75.”

I’m blessed by this friend’s account — her transparency, her willingness to follow her heart and the prompts of Jesus, and the impact made.  She’s a shining light with her family in Beaverton, Oregon.  20293091_10212371957989967_3376976319885461506_n



About Camino Way 2016 Shimer

On August 22, 1981 I married this wonderful woman, Karen, who has consistently blessed and changed my life and days. We are still in love, all the more with the years. We have four daughters, two sons by marriage, and three delightful, wonderful grandchildren. So, that makes me a husband, father, and grandfather all in those sentences. But mostly just a guy who loves my family. Today Karen and I planted beautiful plants in numerous pots. She had come home with the plants and that experience reminded me how much I enjoy simple things and simple pleasures -- like digging in dirt to plant a flower, like sunlight through glass on a spring day, like clean windows -- just washed ours today -- like a melody that won't escape from my heart. I've been a local church pastor for 30 years as of this June, a number that staggers me for I feel about that age on the inside, but clearly that's not the case. Back in 1988 I graduated from Asbury Theological Seminary with an Mdiv-- a time of schooling that has been a foundation for years of ministry. But it is mostly in the building upon that foundation, that has most changed my life. I love people, love seeing Jesus work in people's lives. One of my favorite joys is to pray with someone through some horrible place of memory and see Jesus walk right into their memory world, and turn on the lights in a way that sets their soul free and brings healing. There's nothing like this privilege and I have been there to watch it happen more times than I can count. Between 4 and 7 the associate pastor of my family's congregation sexually abused me, first grooming me, then repeatedly violating my young self. This marked my life. It changed my bearings. It ripped at my faith. It wounded my image of what it meant to be a little boy, and later a man. It has been a point from which I have been in the process of healing for many years now. I'm a survivor, but more than that, I am one who lives beyond what was done. For in the middle of all that stuff, Jesus was calling me, speaking to me, bidding me to follow him to bring change to people's lives within the realm of the very office that was used to harm me. Only Jesus can make light from darkness, hope from despair, and healing from brokenness. I love Jesus. He really is alive, no matter what others may believe. And his life, his presence, his words into my world, his healing power have continued to be the foundation point of what it means to experience life to the fullest. I love writing. I don't really know why on that score for really writing has never been a central tool in my world, nor has it come easily. But I love seeing how words released heal. And I love the way words can connect me to other people's worlds. So, that's why I started blogging. It began because I was planning to blog on a weekly basis when I went to walk the Camino de Santiago last fall. And in order to be able to blog while walking, I knew I had to begin to practice blogging before I was in another country. A friend told me that. Friends are good to help us find ways to live more authentically into our daily lives! So, I started. But what I have discovered is there is something powerful about sharing the story of life with others. So, I have continued. And I love the connections being built through those words. In 2011 I experienced my first seminar in Simply the Story, a bible story telling method that involves those listening in discussion and I decided then -- "this is what I plan to do when I retire." But really-- "why wait until then?" -- so I use this method while I continue pastoring. It sets people free and allows the Word to take root in ways that preaching never has. So again and again I am practicing asking questions and that is good practice for me, because I am frequently better at "telling" than "asking." This has been such a freeing gift. I love training others in this skill. So, a storyteller would certainly be true of me too. Years ago I discovered my mission in life is "the joyful transformation of people's lives through the person of Jesus Christ." And that continues to be where I find my home base, in joy. Where there is joy, I find, there is Jesus, and there is the possibility of transformation. Of course Jesus is in places where there is no joy as well, and once He is there, the place kind of changes because of Him. I love that.
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