imageOne aspect of General conference this year was prayer beads.

These were simple beads that were made by individuals from across United States. Each set was made while praying over it and asking God to take it to the person that would be most blessed.

At Westside one of our members made 40 sets of these prayer beads.  She had a few extra sets and gave those to me and asked me to give them away. I prayed about who should receive them.

One woman told me those beads became a huge gift.  She told me, “My prayer life is changed. I prayed more focused than before.  I pray now everyday while driving to work.  Not only this but I’ve seen greater answers to prayer.” Joy exuded from her countenance!

Having a tool, something tangible to hold onto as you pray can keep you focused. For me, as I prayed for plenary sessions using the beads it kept prayer flowing through me as I touched one bead after another praying for specific people and praying the Lord’s Prayer.  Prayer became more connected, joyful.

All delegates to General Conferencd received a set of these beads. At points during worship they were invited to hold onto their set and pray.

Those that were working security at the convention center knew that people are receiving these. At one point I watched his security officer walk over to the prayer table outside the prayer room to ask to purchase a set of beads.

As I watched her do this I wondered what was going on in her life that motivated the purchase.

When I asked she told me that just moments before she had received a text from Nigeria from her husband’s boss saying that her husband had collapsed on the job and been rushed to the hospital. So far she had no more news on what was wrong.

So, desiring to pray, not knowing how to do so, she’d purchased the beads. We prayed together. Then, I gave her some simple ways to pray with the beads.

Central to life, even as essential as breathing is prayer. A good reminder today.

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