Speak the Truth

I’m working to set up a website, and keep hitting walls.

Ever hit walls with technology?

You know the feeling, you want to throw the computer across the room, even while knowing, it will not solve anything to do so. It is the height of frustration.

Today, I remembered to lament, instead of tossing the computer overboard. I put words to my feelings. I got honest with God; all my guts and verbiage on display. It was the worst of my emotional self. And yet, once it was out, once I had said “Why like this, God?” then, something shifted within.

I could put words to all the thanks I did not feel. “Thank you the computer is not uploading the pictures I need.” “Thank you for how you are using this for good.” “Thank you for the training ground of this situation.” “Thank you for exposing the truth of my heart.” “Thank you, you will use this for good in me and through me.” And as I voiced gratitude, the negative cloud lifted and while nothing had changed, life looked better.

It reminded me of a conversation my family had in our family text string a while back, when one of our daughter’s wrote:

Makes me really sad actually because I’m thinking about the possible trajectory for another kid like Theo, always off track in virtual kindergarten, probably diagnosed and medicated for ADD and anxiety by second grade, probably goofing off and annoying his teachers because he is finishing early and is super bored, probably internalizing that he hates school. Maybe a great teacher would pick up on this and offer opportunities for him to do individual projects. Maybe attentive parents would advocate for him. I’m so grateful this isn’t Theo’s story because that kid is a freaking genius with a ton of creative energy.

She received some great responses and prayers for another situation she shared. That’s when Grace wrote this:

Praying for all!!! So important to continue speaking and believing positive things for the future, despite the struggle. I truly believe so much of our lives are created by the truth we hold and believe in our bodies — on a cellular level. Even if it’s counter to what you read:

The long term impact on my brain and my bones will be positive and life-giving.

I am raising confident, sweet, intelligent girls who will be leaders in every group they are part of. They make choices that bring life to themselves and others.

I am filled with hope! I know that despite challenging circumstances, I am in the right place at the right time and I have everything I need to impact those in my path with light and love and hope.

Grace reminded us to speak truth in a most extraordinary way. My lament brought me to gratitude, and a mind shift. Then, I can join in this kind of truth speaking.

Grace demonstrated how to choose a growth mindset when beset by the “stuff” of life. This is to identify and speak forth life. Our tongues have the power of life and death, we know, and Grace keeps teaching me to speak life.

It is to speak truth on the cellular level to strengthen our bodies in the healing they need to accomplish. It is speaking truth into the battles we face rather than aligning our words with what we really do not want. Speak hope to the body, speak life to relationships, speak out love for those you see and encounter.

I for one spent decades immersed in the lies I believed and spoke over and over again to myself. Those internal narratives carried such power. To speak the opposite, to believe and speak the truth I do not see can be an act of faith which uplifts the heart. It is powerful stuff.

When I hit the wall over technology and get out the lament, turn to thanksgiving and gratitude, I can again speak the truth: God you are using this situation for good to change and renew me. I’m just where I am supposed to be. This situation right this second is for your good purposes within me.

It’s incredible what can happen when those are the things I am speaking.

Speak the most positive truth you can about your life and situation and see what might happen to your heart as you do.

And, then, here’s the best advice, when technology challenges, when you are up against a wall, when things feel really overwhelming…

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  1. Wonderful, wonderful truth here! Amen!! Speaking His truth over ourselves and our situations really does make SUCH a powerful, transformational difference! That advice at the very end made me smile too. Also, I love the giraffe art! Is that an original by you?


    1. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for this response! I find the exercise of acknowledging such truths so powerful. Yes, it is an original painting. The giraffe is my wife’s first ever watercolor! She’s a natural artist. (I talk of someone of her gifting in my book “hello. My name is phillip”— for the main character comes from her.) I love it! It hangs in our dining area. Blessings and joy to you!


      1. Wow! That is extaordinary! She certainly has been gifted with an exceedingly special gift. I am so glad you shared it with us here!


      2. True! I agree. I married up for certain! ♥️🎁

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      3. Aw, that’s so good that you love your wife that way!

        Liked by 1 person

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